Cold Drink Vending Machine Business - Why You Should Choose the Vending Industry

There are many reasons why you might want to start a vending machine business. The more informed you are, the more you are going to be better prepared for making the right decision. If you are considering a vending business, or have thought about it, there are some good advantages to the business owner.
First, you can operate with all-cash. Excluding the many credit-card capable machines out there, you will love the ability to operate with all-cash, away from the potential problems of having to deal with credit card acceptors. In addition to this, think about all of jobs you had that allowed you to operate on your own hours, without a strict time schedule? Having the freedom to do what you want, when you want to do it, is an important thing to consider. As well, you could enjoy more time with family and friends, away from your job, while your machines work for you and generate potential profit.
Secondly, you could enjoy having a low startup cost. If you plan on operating a business, but stay away because of the initial investment, then look no further because you could enjoy the lower startup costs, which saves you money. As well, consider all of the tax you might have to pay as a business owner, which in this industry there are substantial tax benefits you could enjoy, which potentially save you even more money.

How do Vending Machines Work?

There are so many different types of vending machine and you may be wondering how do vending machines work. Some vending machines provide snacks like chips, candy and cookies to name a few. There is also vending machine that provide cold and even hot beverages, you can also find vending machines with lunch items in it such as sandwiches. Sometimes in airports you will see vending machine with iPods and other great electronics. All these machine work just about the same way, the machine accepts payment and you select the item code you would like. This is all done electronically, basically computerized. Some vending machines also have refrigerators or freezers installed in them to keep the food fresh and the ice cream frozen.

How does coin recognition in vending machines work?

You Asked:
How does coin recognition in vending machines work?

My Answers:
For human beings, recognizing if a coin is real is pretty easy. We can look at the coin, weigh it in our hand, feel the temperature, listen to it hit the floor, etc. If someone handed you a coin replica made of plastic, you would immediately know it is fake even if it looked authentic to your eyes. If someone handed you a blank steel slug, it would obviously be “not a coin” because it wouldn’t look like a coin at all.
What we take for granted as humans is not so easy for a vending machine. A vending machine needs a relatively inexpensive way to detect if a coin is real.
If you look at vending machine you can understand how the simplest possible vending machine recognizes coins. It uses the simplest possible coin detector. All that it looks at is the diameter of the coin.
In something like a soda machine, there is usually a more sophisticated recognition system that usually depends on: A) diameter, and B) magnetic fields. 

Vending Machine Business – Passive Income and Recession-proof

Vending business

Vending business is an automated business system with the use of vending machines.

Vending machines offer vast product lines to provide, mainly food and beverages, such as snacks, canned sodas, candies, etc. Other type of products can include: newspapers, public transportation tickets, and even iPod.

I keen on vending business due to the inherited passive income capability. Moreover, with its premise of “convenience – anywhere, anytime,” vending business is recession-proof, because it answers people’s need for convenience.

Any experience in running a vending business? Please share by commenting on this post.

Leveraging success

Success can mean anything – more time with the family, working whenever and wherever you want, etc. – but the most common measurement of success is – surprise, surprise – money.

Having ‘excess’ money means more opportunities – either to spend it lavishly or invest it. I prefer the latter, and I hope you do, too.

Leveraging your success – in this case – your money, is crucial in your path to financial freedom. You have to find ‘vehicles’ to make your money work hard for you, not the other way around.

One way to do it, is to owning businesses that don’t require you to actively involved in them, producing passive income streams for you.

The ideal passive income small business opportunity

Almost all type of business can be turned into passive income businesses, but there are certain types of business that, by nature, allow you to practice passive management and to earn passive income.

My take on passive income businesses are: all things automatic, such as automatic car wash, and coin-operated businesses, such as laundromats, phone booths, and vending business.

Of all, I keen on vending business.


Vending Machine Placement Fee and Commission Plans

The concept of paying for a location in the vending business can be categorized under one of three headings:

1.Placement Fees
3.Locating Fees

It's important that you understand the unique nature of each of these items. Snack and soda vending account placement require a bit of effort in marketing and sales to make the right placement locations. Using a vending account locator service to find accounts for you might seem like a simple way to land locations for your machines but understand that when you use such a service you will have to pay a Locating Fee to the service when you close the deal with the property that your machines will be placed at. These fees are generally only one time expenses but can be very large in some cases based upon the perceived value of the account to your business, meaning the amount of money that you are expected to make from the account over the course of the first year.

Placement Fees are in a word BAD in another word STUPID and in a final word REDICULOUS. Never agree to pay a placement fee. If the property owner asks you to pay a placement fee it means that you are not important to them, they do not value your relationship to them and they will replace you as soon as your competitor comes along willing to pay a higher fee than you are.

How Much to Pay for a Vending Machine Spot

The vending machine industry has spawned numerous businesses with high profits, but machine placement--a process and expense known as location--can quickly eat into the income produced. With some knowledge about the vending industry and a professional approach, a proper vending machine location contract can be created to ensure profitability for all parties involved.

Some Locations Require Fixed Fees

In some locations, particularly hospitals and office buildings, managers or facilities personnel who approve the installation of a vending machine require a fixed monthly or quarterly fee to pay for "rental" of the machine's location. This fee varies depending on the type of machine installed, but typically ranges from around $5 per month for simple stand-alone machines, such as gumball machines, to as much as $50 per month for coffee and snack vending machines that require electricity or water.

Business Motivation

Motivation. It's a complicated subject that is studied by many and understood by few. Virtually every aspect of human life -- from the mundane to the life-changing -- is guided, swayed and altered by motivating factors.
For instance, what to have for dinner may be motivated by a desire to lose or gain weight. Whether or not to attend a business seminar may be motivated by the speakers, location and cost. When and where to buy new clothing may be motivated by a long list of personal preferences as well as the changing seasons and weather conditions.
Even reading this article is a motivated behavior. Do you like the style of writing? Are you curious about the subject matter? Do you have a desire to learn new information? Do you have enough time to finish reading? If the answers are no, you probably won't continue reading!
But since you have continued, you are obviously motivated. You want to learn more about how to get and stay motivated, and how this motivation can help you become a better business owner.

Motivation is one of the most powerful driving forces in the workplace. It can mean the difference between tremendous success and failure.
Motivation stems from two sources. The first part of motivation is external or extrinsic (outside the person) sources. Other motivating factors come from internal forces, which are mainly your thoughts, patterns and collective experiences.

Business Promotion Ideas

Did you lose weight fast and become thinner because of the stress given by handling your own business? This article will help you get rid of that problem.

In handling a business, careful preparation should be done to gain more profits and reach success. In any business, it is very important to be consistently equipped towards captivating customers. Most victorious companies are those who use strategies that can guarantee them of positive feedbacks from frequent or new customers equally. Actually, there are various modus operandi by which marketing becomes effective but only if it is carried out properly and with the loyalty and support given among those who are involved.

For instance, you are launching new products. It is very vital to expose your product widely. It entails lots of budget but your product will be known and it gives you great chances that costumers will be attracted with your product.  You may decide on choosing a local level of broadcasting if your funds are limited during your starting point. On the other hand, if you planned for a major leap, international and national channels are readily accessible, it just that these might cost quite a heavy budget. Despite of the scope, media outlets can definitely get attention and attract customers.

Vending Machine Financing - Funding For Your Vending Business Startup

Due to the generally low startup costs involved with vending compared to other industries it is not a sensible idea to go too far into debt right away. You may need access to credit at a later date to see you through tough times or to expand so it is best to use savings to cover startup costs if possible. However if your starting capital is insufficient you could consider one of the vending machine financing options below.

Financing from Family and Friends
If you do need funding then a loan from friends or family would be the best way to go. If they have a lot of trust in you and you are sincere with them this arrangement can work well. If things go bad though you can risk losing a lot more than your business.


Alternatively you could look at taking on an investor and giving them an ownership stake in your business. Potential investors would probably want to see a detailed vending business plan. They may also want to have an active role in the management of the business in return for their investment. For the small amount of funding required you are usually better off having 100% ownership of your business and having full control.

Vending Machine Distributors
Vending machine distributors will often offer you financing plans to help you to purchase their machines. It is likely though that you will be required to come up with the money for a sizable down payment. If this is not possible then the distributor's finance company may be able to offer you financing to cover most of the cost providing that your business plan looks strong and that you have some collateral to offer.

You will also find that some of the distributors that you are able to purchase inventory to stock your vending machines with, can sell to you on credit. Depending on the deal that you work out with them you can usually arrange to pay your invoices within 30 days (Net 30). This is usually only possible if you have a good credit history and are able to show references.

Vending Machine Business Potential

Looking for vending machine business potential? What are the vending machine business potential? How to realize vending machine business potential?

Are you a startup with a strong resolve to make it big one day? The smart investments you can make out of your limited seed capital today will eventually determine how soon you break even and reach the pinnacle of your domain. Installing vending machines is one such innovative concept worth exploring. Try exploring a vending machine business as a starting point to showcase your products to a large set of potential customers.

You can now save on a lot of rental by not going for a physical store, hiring an expensive salesman, costly marketing strategies and rolling out a big sum for their daily upkeep. By buying a new, rented or a used vending machine you can easily gauge the response of your new line of products. Install a vending machine in a place that is frequented by a lot of people and it can give you a lot of valuable insights into the user response to your products.  The sales might be very slow initially but if your product offering is robust and of value then nothing can stop you from raking in those much needed sales revenues in the initial days of your business.

Starting A Business Considerations

1. Is This the Business I Want?
As yourself: Am I considering this business because I like it or because there's money to be made?
While it's important to make money at a business,  it's more important to make money at a business that you are passionate about. With passion, you'll have the extra drive necessary to keep you going in difficult times..

2. Where Will I Be 5 Years from Now?
Looking ahead to your future will help you identify your true desires. For example, if you say: “I'll be doing something else, this is just temporary, I really want to....” Well, then let me say, why wait? Move on to what you really want and put your effort into that and make  work. If you see yourself as being successful in your current business idea, then you are on the right track.

3. Is this How I Want To Spend My Time?
Running a business requires time. You have to keep in mind that the majority of your time will be spent running your business. Which brings up an important question that you need to ask yourself: Is this what I want to be doing all day for the next few years?

4. Am I Willing to Put In the Necessary Time to Run this Business?
Running a business is not like a job; you don't just put in your 8 hours and then go home and forget about the job until the next day. When you own a business, you have to put in whatever hours are necessary. You‘re the owner and you're responsible; you can't pass the responsibility on to someone else.

5. Is There a Market for My Business Idea?
You may think you have the best business idea in the world, but if no one wants what you have to offer, then you're going to spend a lot of time and money for nothing. You need to ensure that there is a demand for what you're doing, without the kind of competition that will prevent you from succeeding.

6. Will Licensing and Registration of My Business Idea Be a Problem?
Make sure your business idea is legitimate and you are able to register it. There are laws and regulations for where, and what type of business, you can and cannot operate. Be sure to check with your local business registration office.

7. Do I Have Family Support?
Running a business takes time money and dedication. Running your business can easily disrupt your family life and put pressure on relationships. Be sure you have the support, because if you don't, you may hear, “I told you so,” every time you hit a bump.

8. Will this Business Support Me?
You need to figure out if this business will support you. Will you need to stay at your job until you business takes off, and when it takes off, will it be enough? This issue has a lot of variables involved but you need to have an idea if your business will support you or not. And don't just look at sales; you need to look at profits. Because if your sales are $500 a day and your profit is $50 then you can only count on the $50.

How to Remove Money From Your Vending Machine

Vending machines are a lucrative business. They can make money for you 24 hours a day and don't require a lot of time and attention. It is important to keep them stocked with fresh product and to remove your money each time you service the machine to reduce your loss if someone breaks into your machine. Here's how to get your money.

  1. Open the vending machine by inserting the key into the lock. The front door of the machine pulls or pops open.
  2. Locate the money tray inside the vending machine. This is usually locked but the same key that opened the machine is usually the key for the money lock as well.
  3. Remove the money tray carefully after unlocking the compartment. The tray should be full of coins, so it's heavy. Take care not to tilt or turn the tray sideways as the coins can spill out.
  4. Empty the coin tray into your cloth coin sack or whatever container you're using to hold your coins. Use a different coin sack for every machine you have so you can count the money from each machine separately for inventory purposes.
  5. Replace the coin tray back inside the coin compartment exactly as you found it. Make sure the coins drop into the tray by inserting coins into the machine. Move the tray accordingly, so it's directly under the coin shoot.
  6. Finish servicing the vending machine and close the door. Make sure it's locked to protect your products. Go to the next machine and repeat this process.

How to Re-energize Your Business

In 2005, Chris Clemans' woodworking business was in a rut. Operating out of a small, rural town in the Adirondack Mountains in New York state, Clemans had maxed out his business's potential; there was nowhere to go, and no more customers to find.
He realized that to expand, he didn't just need to move the company; he needed to change how he did business. With the help of advisors at the local U.S. Small Business Administration's Small Business Development Center, Clemans created a new business plan. He moved two hours south to the far-more-populated Syracuse, changed the company name and logo, and invested in new, advanced woodworking technologies.
He found that with better technology and a better location, demand went through the roof. Now five years at his new location, Clemans' company, CabFab, has tripled its gross revenue and hired an additional seven employees. In 2008, it was named Modern Woodworking magazine's Small Shop of the Year. His business is booming.
Every business falls into a slump or gets stuck in a rut. Ups and downs are just a part of how companies, people, and the economy work. And a slump isn't the end of the world. Once they start, they're not entirely out of your control. In fact, slumps can provide owners with much needed motivation to make major changes. Clemans didn't just get out of a rut. He used it as an opportunity to completely reinvigorate his company.
Here are some suggestions on how you can do the same:
  • Reorganize: Sometimes it's the mundane tasks that bog you down the most. It never hurts to find more efficient and effective ways to organize your staff and business structure. For Clemans, that meant shifting accounting responsibilities to his wife, who quickly streamlined the company's finances, which allowed Clemans to focus on the creative side of the business.

How to Make a Profitable Vending Machine Business

A lot of people believe that profit is difficult to make in vending machine businesses and the earnings are not good enough. Basically, the sale of the machine significantly depends on its usage and the place you put it. You need to have a business permit or a license to be able to set your vending machine in the right location.

The start up cost for businesses for instance in the vending machine industry varies depending on kind of vending machine that will be used. In most cases, individuals normally begin with just one or a couple of small machines just like a candy vending machines. These machines are more affordable but they produce plenty of vending machine income. You will need to consider the price of the machine and the cost of the candy.

If you opt for a new combo vending machine, it will surely cost you around 300 bucks plus a container of jawbreakers which include 850 pieces which will cost 50 dollars. If you vend the jawbreakers for only 25 cent per piece, the sum of your vending machine sales will be 212.50 dollars. Take away the percentage that you will have to distribute to the person who owns the location. This is how you monitor your profits.

The remaining income is going to be yours. Hence, after you take away the price of the candy, your income will be 127.50 dollars. You can get that from a single vending machine. So now, if you select a second hand or a used vending machine, it will not take a lot of time before the profits become pure income.

Nevertheless, you must realize that the more vending machines you have, the higher the earnings you're going to get. During the first months of business, you will use the earnings to repay the cash you used to purchase your vending machines. However, it won't be too much time in case your machines are at one location, you will only need to make one stop to get rid of the money from your vending machines sales and replenish the machine with new items.

10 Productivity Tips for Home-Based Businesses

Running a business from your home offers many benefits, but there are pitfalls as well. Distractions abound, and family and other responsibilities can intrude on business time.
But the productivity lessons you learned in the outside world still apply to a home-based business. A well-organized and well-managed business is a productive business. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your time and keep work and home life separate. 

1. Prioritize your tasks ahead of time. By scheduling your tasks in order of importance, you can devote more attention to your most pressing tasks. You can prioritize your day so that you do not spend five hours answering email, while the rest of your duties slide. 

2. Set goals for your day. As you plan your day, set the goals that you want to accomplish. Although you may not get through your entire to-do list, try to set and meet reasonable goals each day. 

3. Instruct your family. "Family interference" is one reason some home-based businesses are unproductive. Your family must realize that even though you are at home, you are still “at work.” Sit down with your family and make sure they understand you need this set amount of time each day to run your business. 

4. Do not avoid overtime. When you first start your home-based business, you may need to work extra hours to get it to the point of running smoothly. If you have to work ten hours a day instead of eight, do not be afraid to invest this extra time. 

5. Turn off distractions. If the television or radio lures you away from your duties, turn it off. If you cannot avoid these distractions, try moving your office to another location in your home. 

Things To Consider When Starting A Vending Machine Business

If commercial vending machines are the type of business that you are searching for, then there is a wealth of information regarding vending machines and vending paths accessible online. Some people choose to get involved with the vending machine business by buying an existing vending route.

The distributors that deal with your location will be able to give you guidance about getting into this type of income opportunity. The vending machine income that you could realize from your vending machine business is dependent on several variables such as location, type of product you sell, and contract with location owner.

Once you make time to review the business with a vending machine supplier, you can get a great estimate of the costs involved in operating this kind of venture. Keep in mind that you also have to deduct the commission that you pay for the business enterprise owners of the locations where you place your machines.

A vending machine business comes with following benefits:
  • No experience required
  • Versatile working hours
  • You are able to work regular, part-time, or even just as an absentee operator
  • You never have to endure your boss againLow overhead
  • Good funding selections for start-up distributors
  • Outstanding profit on expense
  • Quick cash income
  • Tax advantages
  • World's most commonly known name brands and
  • State-of-the-art, minimal maintenance gear with full manufacturer warranties.
When you're getting started in this business it is best to try to find an original product you are sure that people need to purchase. I can tell you from past experiences that the lack of understanding when starting up a vending business can be quite expensive and irritating.

Vending Machines With Facial Recognition

Vending machines that sell candy,  potato chips, or other products always require coins or dollar bills to be inserted, to make a purchase. Vending machines of the future may have facial recognition systems built into them, so putting money into the machine would be unnecessary. A facial recognition system is basically a camera connected to a computer. The camera obtains a picture of your face,and the computer identifies your face,by comparing it to pictures stored in it's data base. In order to use one of these vending machines, you would have to register with the company that owns the vending machine. You would be able to do this over the internet. First,log on to their website, and fill out the on-line application. This application asks you for some information,such as your name and bank account number. They need to know your bank account number so the cost of the things you get from their vending machines can be deducted from your bank account. Then,you must upload a picture of yourself. It would be best to upload several pictures of yourself, especially pictures that show your face from different angles. After your application is complete, and your pictures are uploaded, you will be able to use any of the vending machines owned by that company. Their vending machines may be located at airports, gas stations, hotels, tourist attractions,and other locations around the world.

To use one of their machines, all you have to do is stand in front of it. The machine is equipped with a camera that obtains a picture of your face. When the camera obtains a picture of your face, the computer in the vending machine analyzes your face, and in a few seconds, it determines that you are one if it's registered customers. When your identity is verified,the machine plays a recording of a voice that says "Your face is recognized. You may make a purchase now." This recording can be heard through a loudspeaker that is built into the machine. You push buttons to choose whatever product the vending machine is selling. The product is dispensed,and the cost of the product is automatically deducted from your bank account. With this type of machine there is no need to carry cash, credit cards, or debit cards to make a purchase. 

Learning the Basics of Vending Machine Operation

Have you ever thought about starting a vending machine business? If you think you would be interested in this business you should attempt to buy a few vending machines. However, you have to be careful in choosing a vending machine. Performing several investigations will certainly help you select the best vending machine.

You have to purchase vending machines which will be profitable to your business and not increase more expenses. If you want to know more about how to buy a vending machine, then you have to read this article. It will give you the details about how to buy a vending machine.

If you don't have the financial ability to purchase vending machines, you can test buying used vending machines. Nevertheless, you need to inspect the used vending machine to be sure it is properly working and verify that the parts are doing well. If you don't have enough knowledge, you can partner with someone that has the know-how when it comes to vending machines. It is important that all of the parts work on the vending machine.

Purchase vending machines which are easy to use. You have to remember that the machine should be simple enough for kids to use. It is a key element if you are intending to generate income in this business. It is absolutely necessary to buy vending machines that have all of the important features and parts.

You should also think about the business location where your machine will be placed. This is extremely important because you will need to consider exactly what your clients choices are for the products you will supply. The vending machine that you select must have easy access to the holder where the items are thrown.

Make sure that the machine you buy is safe for children. It's going to be your obligation if an incident happens to a kid while she or he is using it. This is one critical thing to consider apart from its shape, dimension as well as function. The safety of your clients should be your primary concern.

If you are intending to buy a vending machine business, find out how the machine works. It is very important because you should be able to fix minor glitches in the machine if something is going wrong. When you initially use a machine, stay in the community where your vending machine is placed in order to gauge if the clients enjoy the products and if your vending machine is working correctly.

Passive Income vs. Residual Income

Often we come across terms in regards to doing business online that we are not 100% familiar with. Sometimes even several terms that are mistakenly interchanged to the point that the true meaning of each gets lost altogether.
According to a recent survey, two such terms are "passive income" and "residual income". Both are often associated with Network Marketing opportunities... but today we're going to explore their true meaning, as well as other online opportunities to earn one or both types of income. 

Residual Income
Recurring payments that you receive long after the initial sale is made, usually in specific amounts and at regular intervals.

Passive Income
"Income derived from business investments in which the individual is not actively involved"
Passive basically means "inactive" or "submissive", so Passive Income could be viewed as money that you make that doesn't require an effort from you.

Examples of residual income options might include:
  • Network Marketing, where you enroll customers or recruit representatives that you earn a monthly commission from.
  • Affiliate programs for recurring payment type services or products, such as: hosting, membership sites, dating sites, etc. In these programs, you are paid a commission each time the recurring payment is billed to the customer you referred.
  • Selling anything that is automatically renewable, or consumables where the re-ordering is automated.

Vending Machine Business Pros and Cons

Whether it is a mall, office premises or train stations, vending machines have become ubiquitous. It has become an integral part of the modern-day life. Vending machine business is one of the fastest growing business today. This business offers extra income with low initial investment and is a 100% cash-only business. If you are thinking of starting a vending machine business, all you need is a vending machine, along with the different vending machine products like soft drinks, toys, gum ball, etc. But like all good things, there are pros and cons to this business also. Let's have a look at the vending machine business pros and cons.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Vending Machine Business

Owning your business is the best reward you can give yourself, but it is wise to investigate the vending machine business pros and cons, before starting the business. You may also want to know about how to start a vending machines business.

Vending Machine Business Pros: The vending machine business is a great way to earn profit within a few months of starting the business, and if owned solely by you, you can also enjoy the full share of the vending machine business profits. The vending machine business pros are:
1. Be your own boss: With vending machine business, you can be your own boss. It is you who will determine the vending machine business plan, and decide which vending machine to buy, among the different available vending machines like soft drink dispenser, toy dispenser, gum ball dispenser, etc.
2. Low initial investment: The investment in vending machine business is small unless you are going in for bigger vending machines.
3. Less time and efforts: Buying the right vending machine and setting it at the correct location does not take much of your time or efforts, especially if you have connections with local businesses and stores.
4. Flexible working hours: You can very well manage your full time job and personal life with this vending machine business.
5. Less stress: The vending machine business is stress free. Once you set up your vending machine and start generating revenue, then the only thing you have to look after is the timely maintenance of the vending machine.
6. Unbound success: The vending machine business has an infinite growth rate. There really is no limit to your success.
7. Little experience needed: One of the biggest advantages of setting up a vending machine business, is that no previous business experience is required to start this business. One only requires the working knowledge of how to operate a vending machine.

To make your vending machine business profitable, choose a product that is in demand. Some popular vending machine products are soft drink, gum ball, chips, toys, etc. Being a total cash flow business, the need of a accounts record is limited to ensure that goods are not being filched. Also, you do not need a store front to store the stock, you can easily keep them in your garage. You can update your stock on a weekly basis. 

10 Essential Tips Regarding Your Vending Machine Business Success

If you are considering business alternatives, vending machines are a good place to start. Once the experience is accumulated they can make for some hefty profits.

Here are a couple of tips for getting you started.

1. The object of the sale can be crucial to the business but it can vary from different types of beverages to hygiene products. Product demand and profit margins are to be studied thoroughly for each type of product. For example candy and gumball machines return a profit greater than the actual product value but the sales have to be larger or you need to have more than one machine in one place.

2. Once you have decided on a product you have to choose a proper location, where people stay or gather, places like lunch rooms, bus or train stations, access ways. The location is of critical importance and must be according to what you are selling – for candy, balls, gumballs the best places are where kids may wait like in front of restaurants or at zoos. Restrooms or airports are the best locations to place vending machines selling condoms or tissues.

3. The vending machines can be either rented or purchased. It is usually much cheaper to rent a vending machine but the new ones don’t come very expensive and if they are successful, studies have shown that they pay for themselves in less than a year’s time.

4. Used machines are another way to go. Letting aside the price advantages for this option you can find that many companies that sell used machines offer a reasonable payment plan and even guarantees that their machines will work without any problems.

5. Browse the web for special offers. Many manufacturers now sell their machines online and offer great deals on new or refurbished products.

Vending Tips

 Other customers have emailed the following tips and ideas which may help your business!!
  • General Vending Tips
  • Bulk Vending Tips
  • Snack & Soda Vending Tips
  • Jukeboxes 
 General Vending Tips
  • A well maintained machine will be used more often than a neglected one.  Service your machine often and it will yield a bigger return.  Keep records.  Change slow moving products to alternatives.
    Spread out your route, it will bring up your sales average.  Service your machine yourself and when you're comfortable with it you may  want to hire someone to help you. Check their work regularly.  The more selections of products you put in a location, the more profit that  location will bring in.
    A colorful machine will bring in more revenue.
    Check with other vendors to compare notes.
  • Try not to go the same time to, collect your money like every Monday, on the 1st. You never no who is watching you. Try and go different times of the week or month. Its good security
  • I think I have a great idea how to avoid paying a % of your profits. Say you have one machine at Miller Auto and you want to put one at Ace Hardware but he wants a %, tell him you will put some kind of advertising of his on your machine at Miller Auto. If it's a franchise it just might work
  • always look below the machine people always drop money under i looked and found 5 dollars in one week once
  • When approaching a new location, take a "gift basket" filled with a good variety of top selling items to distribute to employees. Be sure to include several business cards so that the employees are familiar with your business name.

Vending Machines Of The Future

Your thumbprint might soon be the key to an afternoon candy bar. A Massachusetts based vending machine company is joinng the growing ranks of companies that are field-testing new technologies.
Next Generation Vending Machine and Food Service is experimenting  with biometric vending machines that would allow a user to tie a credit card to their thumbprint.

"For a certain demographic that is pretty cool," says company president John S. Ioannou.
Next Generation is currently testing about 60 of the biometric machines in various locations in the northeast.

The company is also testing other technologies. Ioannou says the key to the transforming the vending machine business is making the consumer feel more engaged.

The days might be numbered where a consumer watches a bag of chips roll through the machine and drop. Next Generation is also testing a machine that includes a 46" touch-screen display that acts similarly to an iPhone display. The user can click on an item, flip the image and even see the nutrional information on the back of the packaging.
The machines include internally mounted cameras to monitor what is going on outside of the vending machine.
The tests are scheduled to run through the end of 2010. After that, Next Generation will decide if it is worth rolling out across its sales region in the northeast and Pennsylvania.
The company is also installing wireless or Ethernet connections on all of its current machines so there will be real-time reporting of the amount of goods in the vending machine for restocking purposes. Monitors will even be able to report when a coin is stuck in the machine. All of the current machines will be upgraded by the end of 2011.
There are other innovations that are being tested outside of the United States, including machines that use retinal scans to identify and charge consumers for their purchases.

Vending Machine Business Advice and Information

Instead of just jumping into vending and hoping for the best you should prepare by doing as much research on the subject as you can. Let's consider some of the vending machine business information sources that you may use to get a preliminary understanding of the industry, some data for your business plan or some solid advice.

Advice from Other Vending Machine Business Operators
The best way to get advice and information about the vending business would be to ask some existing operators about the local industry and their businesses.

Due to the competitive nature of the vending machine business some business owners may be unlikely to share a lot of information and may even discourage you with false information.
However some of the more established operators care a lot about improving the often bad reputation that the vending industry has. They may be keen to see new operators start out properly instead of having them end up adding to the myth that vending machines and their owners are not to be trusted.

If you try to get talking to a business operator while he or she is re-stocking one of his machines you may be able to get some information out of them as part of a polite conversation but it is unlikely that they would spare a lot of time to go into the details.

Finding & Landing A Good Vending Machine Location

What is a good location? This question is relative, based on your company's size and goals. A national vending concern considers a good account to have gross sales over $240,000 per year ($20,000 per month), whereas a small vendor working out of his garage might consider an account with sales of $6,000 per year ($500 per month) to be a good account. Start with your goals. What kind of vending machine business do you want? How much capital do you have? What are your operational plans? Is this a full time venture for you or a part time income?

For example, a vending machine account that generates $20,000 per month probably will have at least 6 vending machines (3 sets, snack/soda). These vending machines would need to be late model or new, an investment of at least $15,000 in equipment. To service an account of this nature, a vending machine operator would require:
* $2,000 in parts for immediate repair - Customers like this expect service calls to be completed within 4 hours of the initial call.
* A running daily inventory of $5,000 in vending machine product
* Service 2-3 times a day
* Fully insured - liability, workers compensation, etc.
* Paying a commission
* Driving a late model vending truck ($40,000)
* Extremely professional demeanor
* $62,000 in initial capital investment, plus ongoing expenses (telephone, office expense etc.), before the first dollar is generated

As you can imagine, this type of account is very rare, could require even more equipment than we discussed here, and is highly desirable.

A vending machine account that generates $500 per month can have as little as a single vending machine, which could be older and might even have been free. Servicing this account is much easier, requiring 2 route stops per month, service calls handled in a reasonable amount of time (within 5 days), could be run out of a car or pickup truck, would not be a commission account (unless you are crazy), and would have little ongoing expense. These accounts are much more plentiful and, therefore, less desirable.

Used Vending Machines – Cut Down On Your Initial Investment

When buying used vending machines, the best ones to buy are the ones that are 100% metal. When you see a used vending machine on sale, the price is usually a lot lower than if you purchased it new, which is a great way to get started in the vending machine business. If you are looking for a home business that you can work on your own time and for which you don’t need to hire staff, then take a look at some of the used vending machines that are available. 

You have to be careful when buying used vending machines. This is because the coin receptacle doesn’t usually get replaced if the currency changes, such as dollar bills being changed to coins. This is something that you do have to check out. Check over the used candy vending machine if that is the kind of vending machine you want to use by putting in coins and seeing how easy it is to get the candy. This will give you an idea of how well your vending machine business may go. If the machines are easy to use, you will have many repeat customers. If they are difficult to use, then customers will avoid your machine when they want candy, a snack or a drink. 

You will find many used vending machines for sale if you do an online search. Some of the companies that have the vending machines for sale offer a guarantee that you will not have any problems with the machines that you buy from them. When you compare the price of a new snack vending machine with the price of a refurbished machine, you can save yourself thousands of dollars. With this saving, you don’t have to wait as long to recoup the cost of the used vending machines from the sales of the products.

How To Approach A Big Box Store & Get Your Vending Machines Placed

Every chain store has their own sort of entity. What you are going to find to be the best way is to go in and talk with the local manager of the store. You want to actually set it up this way because that is the best way to find out and get your information right.

One thing to consider is that some of these bigger chain stores might have a contract with a company already. What happens is that some bigger companies in cities will put bids out. What a bid is, basically like an application, or you have to fill out an application to bid on putting in vending machines in this facility.

You wouldn’t just be providing vending machines for that store, you would be providing vending machines for a bunch of stores in that area, like their chain of stores.

But your first source of contact would be to contact the management first, and simply ask them, What is your vending situation like here? Do you have any vending machines? How is the service? I have a couple of machines that I would like to place here.
I would say the best thing is; instead of going right to the corporate office, go to the local management and ask what they feel is the best route to take with that. Once you get into the corporate end of things, like corporate management, you could be chasing most people all day long for months and months. There are some websites out there that actually you can go to where you can be a member of their site and see what bids are coming up in your area.

How Reliable Is Vending As A Business Venture?

It’s time to turn our attention to whether vending is a viable business to enter, as well as the average cost for a very important part of the business: the vending machine.
Is vending a reliable business venture?
The first recorded vending machines date back to the first century B.C., but came to prominence in the late 1880s. These were primarily postcard and gumball machines with simple mechanisms, a single selection and accepted one coin.
The snack and soda machines we recognize today – multi-selection, accepting multiple coin types, dispensing change – originated in the 1940s. In the ’40s, of course, vending machines accepted coins only, did not dispense change, and limited selections about 20 items. These were fully mechanical vend mechanisms and required no power to operate the vend cycle.
Early soda machines required power to refrigerate the product. The modern vending machine design with spiral dispense, full change capacity, dollar bill acceptance (usually by dollar bill coin changer), 30-40 snack selections, and up to 10 soda options, came to being in the late 1960s and was refined in the 1970s.

Improvements in vending machine technology since have been based on electronics and computer innovation, with standardization of protocols and improvements in currency acceptance. Ultra-modern vending machines can accept a variety of payment types – credit cards, large denomination bills (up to 0), cell phone charges (charging a product to your cell phone bill) – can be monitored remotely by Internet, can produce sales figures to individual unit numbers (sold 13 Snickers and 8 Doritos out of this machine last week), log machine entry times, and can even provide surveillance with camera technology. Yes, we’ve come a long way, baby.
So how is this history lesson relevant? Vending machine technology is responding to market need. The successful vending operators have driven this technology with their purchasing habits. Like all businesses, if technology affords a profitable advantage, that product has a market. The fact that the vending machine manufacturers have continued to produce better and better vending machines means that the vending business is a reliable venture when run properly.

Considering Vending Machines for Your Business?

Facts you should know about vending

Vending machines are machines that dispense food items, beverages, toys or other items for a fee. Vending machines can hold many different types of items, such as cold drinks, coffee, candy, cookies, sandwiches, cigarettes, bubblegum, gumballs, newspapers, ice cream, ice, healthy foods, soda pop, water and snacks. Most vending machines are coin operated, but some operate with a lock and key, or by code. You can find vending machine companies by looking online for one near you or by checking your local phone book. 

Consider which type of vending machine you need for your business, such as soda cans, juice beverages, and coffee. If you're an antique store owner, you may be interested in antique vending machines for your business. Some liquor stores may even offer beer bottle vending machines. When wondering how to choose the vending machine for your location, check out several different vending machine companies and their backgrounds. Target vending machine companies that offer the specific type of machine you want, such as crane, claw, mini, manual, automatic, ATM, carousel, bulk, personal, combo or vending machines for capsules and stickers. 

Find out how long the companies have been in business, what their hours are, and what their service availability is. 

Find out if the company or franchise is properly licensed, and get written quotes and prices for all services. Inquire as to what type of vending machine services are available, such as repair, as well as accessories such as labels. 

Ask how often the vending machine company representative will come by to refill items. Work out a schedule in advance and get it in writing. When choosing a vending machine company or franchise, research the various types of vending machines available. Research various vending machines online, where you can find reviews, prices, photos, and troubleshooting tips. 


By Umapagan Ampikaipakan

VERY early into the movie Jerry Maguire, the eponymous character, the sports agent who thrives on the art of the deal (played to perfection by Tom Cruise), has a sort of epiphany.

Devastated after the son of one of his clients calls him out on his doublespeak, he finds himself restless, listless, and on the verge of a nervous breakdown. He begins to doubt everything that he stands for. He begins to question those fundamental truths that govern his life.

It is this sudden cognisance that results in Jerry spending a sleepless night in a hotel room typing out a mission statement on his laptop. It was inspired. It was a call to arms.

He called it "The things we think and do not say (the future of our business)" and he outlined a path for living and doing business that went against the grain of how sports agents typically behave, that espouses a kinder, gentler way of doing business, that puts the value of relationships over that of profit.

After a marathon late-night photocopying session ("I printed it up in the middle of the night, before I could rethink it"), Jerry sends out a copy of the memo to everyone in his company. It gets him fired.

Starting a Vending Machine Business

Introduction to the Vending Machine Business
Feel like a soft-drink while walking down the street. What do you do! Look out for a vending machine, put in a coin and out pops the can. You have got what you wanted and someone who is possibly holidaying somewhere has made a profit out of it.

You could be this person who is holidaying and has just made a profit if this vending machine belonged to you.

The vending machine business is a 100% cash-only business with a nominal initial investment (if you are not going in for the bigger vending machines) and does not require previous selling experience of any sort.

Be your own Boss
Starting a vending machine business will make you your own boss. You will be the one who decides on which vending machine to buy. You will be the one who decides as to where the vending machine will be placed. You will decide as to what your vending machine will sell. You will be the one responsible for servicing your vending machine on time. Once you start a vending machine business you are the only one on whom the entire success of the business will depend.

A vending machine business will almost never go into a loss. But that does not mean that it will give you super-profits either. There are quite a few factors that will decide as to how much profits each of your vending machines will make for you. 


How to Explore Passive Income Ideas

If you're familiar with the concept of passive income, you know it's the best method of generating a long-term return on your time and effort. A "stream" of passive income can range in scale from a single project or investment to an entire business. In this article, I'll help give you some ideas on where you can start.


Things You'll Need:

    * The desire to create passive income.
  1. First of all, a good financial education is the key in all of this. I spent over a year just reading on this topic before I leaped into action on ideas that I had no idea were going to work or not. If you've been in an employment situation for most of your life, this concept takes awhile to get your mind around. It's not "get-rich-quick" but at the same time it's worth it because you'll get both more time and money if you're successful.

  2. Start small and focus on stability. I've found it's better to start a small project (keeps you from going into debt) and grow it to the point it's stable. This way your time is free to start a second, third, fourth, and so on while the previous projects continue to bring in an income. You do this enough times and your income is "stacked" to the point you can transition into what most people call retirement.

  3. As far as what you can specifically do, there are unlimited opportunities out there. If you're an expert in your field or have a specialized hobby, you can write advice articles and books. On-line businesses are good options as well, again if you start them small and keep them debt-free. Traditional small businesses are more expensive to start, but if you do the research there's still many fields where you can make a good income (the passive element is from repeat customers or eventually hiring employees who handle the work). Through the real estate market goes up and down, I've known people who have done well after putting a lot of research into it. Just in general, brainstorm what you would enjoy doing and make sure you have a plan ahead of time.

  4.  Don't get discouraged if results seem small or don't seem to be happening very rapidly at first. I think that's where most people get frustrated and give up too quickly. Passive income is made over time not overnight.
By: Patricia Gilliam

Concept of Passive Income

Money, income, bills, investments, does the sheer thought of them make you want to shriek in disgust, curl up into a prickly ball?

What an advantage to those with reliance on advisors of financial savvy! Early on in their lives, while the rest of us still trying to make some sense of the financial world! How many times did the thought strike you "I could be rich now, if only all these facts had come to me as a kid, or at least much earlier." Why then would you let your child experience the same lack of practical financial strategy?

Hillary Adams, a former white collar worker, felt the same, every time her son asked her for an advance. All her talking about not having enough money and his having to be more careful with his spending did not seem to be understood by him.

She needed facts, a way of demonstrating, and soon. About the same time she quit her job and went into business for herself, she began digging for a sensible solution.

First, many nights were spent in books. She discovered the term “passive income” and a fascination with its concept.

Passive Income
Does it mean it just “sits there,” regardless of what one does, it's inactive? Not exactly. Passive income is cash-flow obtained without linear time involvement. In other words, while you sit on the porch knitting, your passive income is generated, non-stop. You only had to do the work once.

Secondly, after Hillary discovered this concept, thought of all the benefits of doing business this way. She began to motivate herself for several days into finding a way to make a small investment, on behalf of her son, with a very important “switch” in mind.

Here is What Hillary Adams did:
She bought a small table-top game machine. As the contraption was delivered, and she and her son Aaron unwrapped it, she let him try it out, play with it, answered his questions, and finally told him: "Aaron, this machine is yours. And even better, all the money it's going to make is yours. However, I am only able to lend you the $227 it took to purchase the machine for a little while. You must pay it back. I'll help you set up the machine the rest is your business. Now, honey, tell me, can you do it?"

Aaron thought for a minute. His answer surprised Hillary: "Mom, I don't know if I could do it by myself. But with you there, I guess so. And after that….Yes, mom, I guess I can do it."

Thirdly, as they set up the machine in a few days, and impatiently waited for their first cash pick-up day to arrive, Hillary noticed the benefits of her actions had already begun to materialize and she was quite pleased.
The exciting “switch” she had intended had taken place, from her son's waiting to be given money to his own plan of action, from “give me” to “I can do it MYSELF.” His attitude, after re-paying her the amount for the table-top game machine would now be the one of a responsible business person. Now that he had done it once, he would always be able to do it. He would not remain in the "poor" thinking mode.

He would eliminate the feeling of lack of money from his life, while he now had the self-esteem and confidence to invest the surplus of his machines, after purchasing a few more, in his very own college fund.

The Moral
Without looking, you don't find. Such a small change is bound to turn Aaron's life around, for he is already on the way to becoming an accomplished business owner. "How old is he?" you ask. He's only 12 years old.

How to Earn More and Work Less

Do you want to continue working 50, 70, 100 hours a week the rest of your life?
Good! Neither do I.

Do you want to be able to take time off whenever you want to, without worrying about what's going to happen to your business?

So do I!

There's a saying in the corporate world: "Don't make yourself irreplaceable. If you can't be replaced, you can't be promoted." As an entrepreneur, this is still true in its own way. Let's think of "being promoted" as earning more and working less. You can raise your prices, but until you can remove yourself from being directly involved in doing the work that generates the income, there's always going to be a limit to how much you can earn, and it can only increase very slowly.

Passive income, on the other hand, is income that does not require your direct involvement. Some kinds of passive income you may be familiar with include owning rental property, royalties on an invention or creative work, and network marketing. If you want to earn more, work less, and have a decent retirement, you're going to have to start creating income streams that do not require your direct involvement. Whether you're just starting your business, or you've been running it a while, the sooner you start thinking about how you are going to shift your business model to create more passive income, the sooner you can achieve personal and financial freedom.

Let's look at two basic types of passive income, and a third type of income that, while technically not passive, is a key strategy for earning more and working less.

8 Ways To Earn Passive Income

8 Ways To Earn Passive Income Online
© Herman Drost

Wouldn't you like to take a vacation whenever you want, or have your wife stop working so she can look after the kids and still keep up the payment of your bills? Well, if you wish to achieve this, you need to build a passive residual income.

Definition of passive residual income:

The definition of traditional passive income is "Income generated with minimal work from your investments such as interest, dividends, or real estate rentals." However in this article we are discussing creating a passive income online. Investment of time and money is initially required to build a passive income online, then possibly minimal work thereafter.

The benefits of generating a passive income:

1. Make a strong initial effort to get your income started, then do minimal work (or virtually none) thereafter, resulting in earning more and doing less.

2. Freedom to choose when and where you wish to work.

3. Your passive residual income is not dependent on a 9-5 work week and can be generated 24 hours, 7 days a week.

4. Able to give yourself a pay raise whenever you want by creating multiple income streams.

5. Create an unlimited amount of income - you are only limited by your imagination.

6. Have more free time to spend time with your family, friends or go on vacation.

7. Ability to give to charitable causes.

8. Create residual income for your future retirement.

RO Water Info

How pure is your water?

The quality of the water we drink is of paramount importance to our health. In many countries, the general supply of potable water, even aftertreatment, contains a far higher level of contaminants than international health regulations permit. Even in areas where the source or ground water is deemed to be Mpur& contains naturally dissolving minerals and, in some cases, radioactive material. As it passes over land or through the ground, water can also pick up substances resulting from the presence of animals or human activity.

In grave fact, therefore, many conventional water treatment technologies cannot successfully rid water of its unwelcome hitchhikers. For instance, in 1993, despite the use of ordinary water filtration technique, more than a third of a million men, women and children in Wisconsin, USA were infected by the bacterium Ctyptosporidium.

Even chlorination cannot put a dent in that pathogen, both literally and figuratively, due to its hard shell. Similarly, most water treatment technologies are also very limited in their scope of effectiveness. UV light destroys biological contaminants, but absolutely ignores minerals. Carbon filters reduce petroleum-based contaminants like benzene but pass over germs. Therefore, what is the solution to this predicament? The perfect answer is REVERSE OSMOSIS.

What is reverse osmosis?

Reverse osmosis is a water purification process that use semi-permeable membranes to filter dissolved salts, particulates and inorganic molecules. R O not only produces pure, clean, crystal clear, better tasting water but alsoeliminates hardness that damages equipment and causes spots on tableware.

R O deals with all contaminants quickly and decisively, be they biological or non-biological poisons.
Water cleansed using this process can achieve an astounding purity level of 95%. By far, reverse osmosis is the most efficient option for meeting the full range of water treatment needs in food service applications.

Why reverse osmosis?

By using reverse osmosis technology, wide range of substances, including arsenic, asbestos, herbicides, pesticides, lead, mercury, nitrate, radium and bacteria, commonly found in many kinds of water, are easily and cost effectively removed. Reversed osmosis can also treat a wide variety of aesthetic contaminants that caused unpleasant taste, colour and odour, such as salty or soda taste caused by chlorides or sulphates. The highly dangerous pathogen, cryptospondium, which can lead to serious illness and sometimes death, is also treatable with reverse osmosis system.

Reverse osmosis water has been confirmed as the purest drinking water by NASA and meets the World Health Organisation specification standards. Its excellent solubility properties facilitate improved metabolism in the human body. This increases immunity to infection and helps in the expulsion of harmful toxins and viruses. In the long term, drinking reverse osmosis water may contribute towards improved health.