By Umapagan Ampikaipakan

VERY early into the movie Jerry Maguire, the eponymous character, the sports agent who thrives on the art of the deal (played to perfection by Tom Cruise), has a sort of epiphany.

Devastated after the son of one of his clients calls him out on his doublespeak, he finds himself restless, listless, and on the verge of a nervous breakdown. He begins to doubt everything that he stands for. He begins to question those fundamental truths that govern his life.

It is this sudden cognisance that results in Jerry spending a sleepless night in a hotel room typing out a mission statement on his laptop. It was inspired. It was a call to arms.

He called it "The things we think and do not say (the future of our business)" and he outlined a path for living and doing business that went against the grain of how sports agents typically behave, that espouses a kinder, gentler way of doing business, that puts the value of relationships over that of profit.

After a marathon late-night photocopying session ("I printed it up in the middle of the night, before I could rethink it"), Jerry sends out a copy of the memo to everyone in his company. It gets him fired.

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