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 Other customers have emailed the following tips and ideas which may help your business!!
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 General Vending Tips
  • A well maintained machine will be used more often than a neglected one.  Service your machine often and it will yield a bigger return.  Keep records.  Change slow moving products to alternatives.
    Spread out your route, it will bring up your sales average.  Service your machine yourself and when you're comfortable with it you may  want to hire someone to help you. Check their work regularly.  The more selections of products you put in a location, the more profit that  location will bring in.
    A colorful machine will bring in more revenue.
    Check with other vendors to compare notes.
  • Try not to go the same time to, collect your money like every Monday, on the 1st. You never no who is watching you. Try and go different times of the week or month. Its good security
  • I think I have a great idea how to avoid paying a % of your profits. Say you have one machine at Miller Auto and you want to put one at Ace Hardware but he wants a %, tell him you will put some kind of advertising of his on your machine at Miller Auto. If it's a franchise it just might work
  • always look below the machine people always drop money under i looked and found 5 dollars in one week once
  • When approaching a new location, take a "gift basket" filled with a good variety of top selling items to distribute to employees. Be sure to include several business cards so that the employees are familiar with your business name.

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