Vending Machine Business Pros and Cons

Whether it is a mall, office premises or train stations, vending machines have become ubiquitous. It has become an integral part of the modern-day life. Vending machine business is one of the fastest growing business today. This business offers extra income with low initial investment and is a 100% cash-only business. If you are thinking of starting a vending machine business, all you need is a vending machine, along with the different vending machine products like soft drinks, toys, gum ball, etc. But like all good things, there are pros and cons to this business also. Let's have a look at the vending machine business pros and cons.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Vending Machine Business

Owning your business is the best reward you can give yourself, but it is wise to investigate the vending machine business pros and cons, before starting the business. You may also want to know about how to start a vending machines business.

Vending Machine Business Pros: The vending machine business is a great way to earn profit within a few months of starting the business, and if owned solely by you, you can also enjoy the full share of the vending machine business profits. The vending machine business pros are:
1. Be your own boss: With vending machine business, you can be your own boss. It is you who will determine the vending machine business plan, and decide which vending machine to buy, among the different available vending machines like soft drink dispenser, toy dispenser, gum ball dispenser, etc.
2. Low initial investment: The investment in vending machine business is small unless you are going in for bigger vending machines.
3. Less time and efforts: Buying the right vending machine and setting it at the correct location does not take much of your time or efforts, especially if you have connections with local businesses and stores.
4. Flexible working hours: You can very well manage your full time job and personal life with this vending machine business.
5. Less stress: The vending machine business is stress free. Once you set up your vending machine and start generating revenue, then the only thing you have to look after is the timely maintenance of the vending machine.
6. Unbound success: The vending machine business has an infinite growth rate. There really is no limit to your success.
7. Little experience needed: One of the biggest advantages of setting up a vending machine business, is that no previous business experience is required to start this business. One only requires the working knowledge of how to operate a vending machine.

To make your vending machine business profitable, choose a product that is in demand. Some popular vending machine products are soft drink, gum ball, chips, toys, etc. Being a total cash flow business, the need of a accounts record is limited to ensure that goods are not being filched. Also, you do not need a store front to store the stock, you can easily keep them in your garage. You can update your stock on a weekly basis. 

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