Vending Machines in Schools

Have you ever considered putting your vending machines in schools? While this is a fairly new phenomenon, it is becoming more and more popular. High schools and college campuses are the most common places to find various vending machines.
In the United States, vending machines are not as common in elementary schools although in some areas they have them as well. In colleges and universities that are not funded by public taxes, the rules are sometimes a bit different regarding contracts with vending machine companies and bottlers’ and competitors. You will have to check with your area to find out all the facts.

When you place your vending machines in schools, it is usually with the stipulation that you share the commissions with the school. The school agrees to the deal because they get extra money needed for funding certain things and it works out as a great money-maker for you as well.
Since most public schools are funded by tax dollars, they are usually always in need of more funds to better the school. This is why many agree to take on vending machines in the schools and use the commissions to help fund programs like sports, music and more.

Be aware of the issues
If you are considering placing vending machines in public schools then you also need to be prepared for the politics that can be involved. There is often debate over what goes into the machines. Since vending machines tend to contain large amounts of “junk food” – sodas, chips, candy, cookies and other snacks – many people complain about them being so readily available to today’s youth.
But you can get the best of both by adapting and changing your vending machine contents. All you need it to have machines that have healthier drinks and snacks. You might even consider vending machines that contain stickers, trendy school supplies and more. Machines that dispense pencils, pens, erasers, etc. may be very popular in public schools.

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