Vending Machine Business for High-Tech Equipment

Technology and vending machines business go hand in hand, kind of like peanut butter and jelly. In the last few years the vending machine industry has seen an increased demand for high-tech products sold in the ultimate convenience format, namely, through the swipe of a credit card. Let’s take a look together at some of the wildest, most innovative products that are now available at your neighborhood vending machine.

iPods: Apple
From a company whose motto seems to be “out-tech everyone, including NASA” comes a vending machine that sells just about every variation of an iPod available, from Nano to Shuffle, along with a slew of other Apple-centric products like iPhone covers and iPad chargers. 

Renting products from a vending machine is a relatively fresh concept and it’s now possible to get a laptop on-the-go through new public PC vending machines where laptops of various size and capability can be checked out for certain lengths of time. Sliding a credit card ensures borrowers won’t run off without payin.
Advanced Food Products
Have you ever wondered what bread in a can tasted like? Yeah, me either, but they sell it from vending machines in Japan! While you’re at it, you may as well pick up a cryogenically frozen crab (still live, just hibernating) for dinner on the way home…in Japan apparently crab and bread go well together. And you get one guess as to which nation now sells live, hermetically protected rhinoceros beetles as a snack for pedestrians from a stationary vending machine? If you guessed China you win the award for stating the obvious.

Smart Cars
Japan didn’t stop at food when they were coming up with weird vending machine concepts and they’ve subsequently introduced what is definitely the most convenient non-convenience purchase. The world’s first smart car vending machine was introduced there late last year and though sadly, the machines were created as part of an advertising campaign and the only thing it actually dispenses is marketing materials, wouldn’t it be great to buy a car that way? That is of course, for those of you who have an extra twenty-five grand burning a hole in your pocket.

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