How Can Compact Vending Machine Add Value to Your Business?

A Shift in Vending
As manufacturing and big business continues to be outsourced from America, operators face declines in the classical desirable vending machine locations.  Instead of adapting to these changes, often times it is decided to reduce routes, cutting smaller “less profitable” sites, which in the future may become a large portion of the available locations.  To adapt to this change, a paradigm shift must occur.  Operators must embrace technology, and the recognition that a compact, full feature machine can add a tremendous amount of value to a route.

While the cutting edge of vending machines moves towards telemetry and remote inventory management, to the majority of small operators; it is still widely inaccessible due to the investment cost.  Smartcard/Smartware technology is still readily available however, and offers an efficient way to poll inventory levels without taking a large chunk out of your bottom line.  In addition, some lines of standard Smartware offer the ability to be upgraded down the road to offer remote access to inventory levels, which offers scalability as smaller revenue streams grow through efficiency.  Be aware, however that the third-parties required to upgrade often charge monthly fees.  Other technologies that allow the operators to monitor driver speed, routes, and efficiency enable the streamlining of location management.  This can serve to fast-track the development of the newer efficient standards necessary to succeed.  Looking to the future of vending, it is vital to understand the role technology can play in increasing efficiency and turning these satellite locations profitable as America sees the return of small business.

The Compact
The full feature compact vending machine is often overlooked by the operator, but it provides all the advantages of a full-size vending machine with less upkeep and less initial investment.   This coupled with the appropriate technology can help the operator add value to their routes, and reinvigorate those flagging locations.  When implemented properly to account for local foot-traffic and demand, along with the utilization of forecasting to help predict future localized demands; the compact machine can be leveraged as a valuable tool in the arsenal to fight the diminished standing of vending in America.


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