Thinking About Starting a Vending Business?

Don’t believe half the stuff you read online about vending. According to some of the misinformation out there, vending is as simple as buying some machines and just collecting hundreds of dollars each month. They really make it all sound so simple, but nothing could be further from the truth. Yes, vending is a nice little home based business. Yes, you can make a nice little income from vending. Heck it’s even true that it not a hard business, just about anyone could do it.


Why Do So Many People Fail In The Vending Business?

But, don’t kid yourself, just because anyone could potentially do vending, doesn’t mean that they have what it take to be successful. After all, virtually everyone “could” do a marathon, but very few actually do. The easier a business is to start up, the more people that will enter that business, the more people that enter that business, the higher the failure rate. Vending is no exception; the failure rate is very high. A lot of people will be unprepared for the challenges and ultimately fail.
If you’re to believe what you read online, you fill a machine with gumballs and come back a month or two later and collect tons of money, well this is far from the whole truth. The national average per head is only $7. Since I’ve been in the business about three years now, I’ve found this average to be spot on. Once you take out about 20% for product costs plus $1 for your charity, the average double head makes about $11- $13 a month. (If you’re unfamiliar with aligning yourself with a charity, this is simply a way for vendors to support a charity and help themselves get locations easier)

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