Learn About Small Business and Own a Business

Why have more and more people entered into small business, to a point of undergoing crush small business online courses, or frantically searching the Web for information about small business?

For example, in a recent article from The Sydney Morning Herald, it was reported that Australians are now looking to ditch their full-time jobs in favour of starting their own small businesses, if Google’s 2010 top search results are typical of recent trends. Apparently, Google’s top 10 search terms this year for small business include ”small business” and “franchise” along with “make money” and “business for sale.”

What is a Small Business and its Distinguishing Features?

A small business can be defined according to its distinguishing features against a large business.

  • A small business is independently owned and operated.
  • A small business is owned by one, two or several persons.
  • A small business owner also manages the business.
  • A small business owner-manager makes all the key decisions.
  • A small business has limited money capital.
  • A small business owner frequently works alongside his or her employees, if any.
  • A small business has a small market share.

Why Do People Start a Small Business of Their Own?

Of people who seriously consider starting a new business and eventually decide to go into it, more than two-thirds start from scratch. Most of them have been employed in the same industry similar to the business they’ve decided to start. Some plunge into a different business altogether in pursuit of their dreams or passion. Here are some reasons why people enter into their own small business.

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