Is Making A Full Time Income With Vending Possible?

Have you ever thought how nice it would be to be able to leave your job and simply walk out the door? Who hasn't had this dream right? I'd be willing to bet that almost everyone has had this dream at some point in their working career. Owning a small business is a great way to be your own boss, but not everyone had the financial means to make this dream come true. Is money keeping you from realizing your dreams? Would you be interested in a business that required very little startup capital, could be home based and requires no experience or special skills? I thought you might be!
So, without further adieu, let me reveal the business that may get you on the road to self employment - vending. A lot of people won't consider vending because it's not a "traditional" business. I find that some people are work snobs, although they don't call themselves that, they won't consider vending because they view it as beneath them. It's true that vending isn't exactly sexy, but if you're just looking to start up a business and get out of a job you hate, then maybe it's something to consider. The product costs are only about 10%-20% of the sale price, so the markup is good, but in order to make any kind of real money, you'll need to move a lot of gumballs. With enough machines, it's possible to make a full time income.


How Many Vending Machines Are Needed To Make A Living?

With enough machines, it's possible to make a full time income. So, exactly how many machines will it take to make a decent full time income? How about 400 or more machines. Now, this may sound like a crazy amount of machines, but stay with me while I run down some number for you. The national average for vending machines is about $7 a head, so a double head machine makes about $14 a month.

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