How the Beverage Vending Machine and Industry Work

Beverage Vending Machines didn't just get popular. They are relatively amazing, for they were already in existence as early as 215 B.C. During this time, ancient Egyptians were using a device that has been identified to dispense holy water at places of worships after depositing a coin. In the United States, vending machines were introduced in 1888 when the Adams Gum company started to sell their penny gum products using such machines.

See your favorite beverage vending machine in a subway train station? Or the compact disc album of your favorite music artist in the corner of the town plaza? Those are just few manifestations that vending machines are popular for in America. You can see them almost everywhere you go.

From its humble beginnings, the vending machine business has started its rapid growth. A business report from 2005 states that the vending industry has increased its net sales nearly 40 percent. Starting from chewing gum, vending machines now dispenses everything from sodas to compact discs (CDs) to condoms.

The success of vending industry is attributed to the combined use of technology and mechanisms in different vending equipment. However, this article will focus its discussion of the different parts of beverage vending machines and its relative functions since it is one of the most commonly seen dispensing equipment around. Continue reading and explore what is behind the popularity and success of vending machines.

One of the pioneer products in the vending machine industry has been selling beverages. Usually, beverage vending machines work by selecting the type of beverage you want. You will be required to insert several coins or paper money; the amount will be posted on the machine, in the coin slot. Once the machine detects that the money you have deposited is sufficient enough to purchase the desired beverage, it will dispense the beverage of your choice. Modern beverage vending machines are now accepting paper bills as well as from coins. 

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