This blog was created for sharing business opportunity in RO Water Vending Machine industry. As we all know this business in not new but still a lot of opportunity to share in it. We sell a latest vending machine with a reasonable price with all service packages including transportation to your location, piping and electrical to your machine*.

From this blog, we also give info about the latest technology in vending machine industry. To anybody interested in this business opportunity, don't hesitate to email

*t & c apply

The Objective:
1. To supply a latest vending machine to all our customer.
2. To give the best services to all our customer.
3. To supply the clean, cheap and good for health RO water to all Malaysian.
4. To give and share business opportunity for anyone who interested in this business.
5. To guide the new business partner and share experience and knowledge.

The Vending Machine: We will give to you the latest vending machine with a very good quality and services you will satisfied.

1. Input: 240V 50/60Hz
2. Production Capacity: 200 GPD/800 LPD(Liter Per Day)
3. Power Consumption: 200 watt/hour
4. Material& Color: Fiber glass/metal
5. Dimension: 30 x 24 x 78
6. R.O Water storage tank (Normal): 150 L
7. R.O water storage tank (Ice): 10 L

Exterior Features
1. Screen printed Display sign with light
2. Screen printed coin or instruction panel
3. 2 safety security locks
4. Stacked cabinet door hinge
5. Sizes of bottle, capable for filling in vend compartment 0.5 – 20 L
6. Lighted vend area (Automated) for night time vending

Vending Features
1. Adjustable price coin controller
2. Adjust water volume based vending
3. Accepted all coins (10/20/50 cent)
4. Coin box capacity: 1000 coins
5. Non-resettable water vend counter
6. Stainless steel vend nozzle
7. LED display board

Water Treatment Features
1. 1 x 20” filter housing with fiber media filter
2. 1 x 20” filter housing with granulated activated carbon
3. 1 x 20” filter housing with carbon block filter
4. 2 x 2.1/2” x 10 TFC R.O membrane
5. 1 x 2 GPM Ultra-violet strelization unit

The Packages: Just call us to get the best vending machine packages.

Package eZVM 1:
1 Vending Machine + Transport services + Piping installation + Electrical installation = RM 9999.00*

Package eZVM 2:
2 Vending Machine + Transport services + Piping installation + Electrical installation = RM 18999.00*

*t & c apply
**this offer for a limited time only