Installed by Herbal Nutrition Center in Los Angeles this unique vending machine allows people requiring a marijuana prescription to pick up their fix quickly and conveniently. In order to ensure only those with a valid reason to be picking up their drugs, the vending machine verified their identity with a finger print, oh, and there are security guards to keep everyone else away, too!

Vending Machine - Immediate Car Dispensing

Japanese vending machine may not have actually been working, but I'm not getting your hopes up, because this just might be something that we'll see in the future. The model vending machine was designed to dispense a Smart Car or Cabrio following a $20,000 payment. Sure beats hours upon hours negotiating at a dealership with pushy car salesmen, so let's hope we've got something to look forward to with this innovative style of vending machine!

Manicures Vending Machine - Ladies Love It!

You might not have time to run into the nail salon as often as you'd like, in order to maintain your manicure, but you can take advantage of nail art vending machines that allow you to select an image or design that you'd like to have airbrushed onto your nails. The vending machines allow you to get an on-the-spot manicure that can only come with the convenience of modern technology!

Charity Vending Machines - SO COOL!

Available in Japan, charity vending machines allow thirsty consumers to purchase a drink and choose a charitable cause which they would like to give their proceeds to. For those who aren't thirsty, it's still possible to donate any spare change to a great case conveniently by selecting the cause and selecting their donation increment. Other machines are exclusive to the White Ribbon Campaign, and drinks dispensed even include the White Ribbon Campaign logo, which signifies support for pregnant women's health in developing countries

Innovative Ideas Vending Machine

There's nothing that's better than having just about anything you need available at the touch of a button, without the need to deal with annoying salespeople working on commission, or worrying about hours of operation. recently released the Fun-o-Meter, which dispenses innovative ideas for 50c a piece as gathered from user comments on the website. This unique vending machine was created in order to generate additional income for the website, and there's already a great deal of hype surrounding it! The first Fun-o-Meter is making its rounds around NYC, moved to a new location on an almost daily basis. Along with the ideas it dispenses, it also includes a map or toy, for directions or props if relevant to the idea provided.  In order to keep the project going, is requesting that readers submit more ideas to keep up the fun!


On the streets of New York City, there's a vending machine full of Nike gear--socks, T-shirts, hats--so you can get some fresh workout clothes on the go. The only catch is, it doesn't take cash, debit, or credit. It only takes your hard-earned sweat.

 the machine only dispenses the goods in exchange for your Fuelband points, earned through the brand's wearable fitness monitor. But there's also another catch--the points had to have been earned in the past 24 hours. So you're not getting a new T-shirt for that bike ride three months ago.
The machine was set up in various spots around NYC, with Twitter hints leading people to its locations.